The Essential Little Book of Great Lawyering by James Durham, J.D.


The Essential Little Book of Great Lawyering by James Durham, J.D.



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I have worked in a blue-chip, award winning commercial firm for 8 1/2 years. The firm runs skills workshops and business development seminars that explore the principles set out in your book, so nothing in the book was of itself new to me.

The benefit of reading your book, for me, lies in all those principles now interrelating in a profoundly meaningful way. You have synthesized the various messages I have taken on over the years into one package - a package that makes me appreciate the importance of approaching a client's experience of me in a deeply human way, rather than merely a polite and technically correct way.

I feel transformed in my outlook to lawyering and I thank you."

-Lisa L


Thank you
 "Thank you for a great book. I am managing partner of an 8 lawyer firm and I thought your book so succinctly explained the concept of marketing for lawyers that I bought a copy for every lawyer . Now that I have digested it I wanted to explore your doing a seminar for our firm in Ottawa. Would you be interested in trying to teach a group of good lawyers to be great lawyers. "

-Chuck M.


Loved it

"Just wanted you to know I read your latest little book on Great Lawyering the other night and loved it! Every law firm should be handing those out to every summer associate and every new lawyer. The more I think about it, law firms should give them to every employee so they can understand what is important to the success of the lawyers they support, thus allowing them to help them more effectively. Anyhow...just wanted to touch base and let you know how much I enjoyed your words!"

-Nancy Myrland, President, Myrland Marketing, Inc.


Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at McGuireWoods LLP

Jim is such a warm and amazing person. He cares so much about the legal field and how he can influence it in every positive way. If only everyone had as much charisma, industry know-how, spirit and integrity that Jim carries, the world we be an infinitely better place. January 15, 2011

Samantha M. (Regional Sales Manager at Vcall ) was a consultant or contractor to jim at McGuireWoods LLP


Methodology to greatness
 "Jim has encapsulated the essence of great lawyering by showing the right methodology to greatness - and the mistakes that can be made on the path to success."

-Betiayn Tursi, Editor of Marketing the Law Firm


A must-read

 "This little gem of a book sets out principles which can truly contribute to 'great lawyering' -- beneficial to attorneys in all types of practices. It's a must-read for those seeking fresh approaches to secure satisfied clients."

- Danette Wineberg, VP, General Counsel and Secretary, The Timberland Company